Henan is the most populous province in China, with almost 100 million people. The mountainous west and southwest is more remote with vast expanses of forest.

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Henan province

Henan is an ancient province, Straddling the Yellow River whits was the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Within the border of Henan, are two of the ancient capitals of China: Luoyang and Kaifeng. Mountains to the west and center separate the Yellow River from Nanyang plain, (the southeastern area) which is drained by the Huai River. Floods from both the Yellow and Huai Rivers have punctuated Henan's long history. Henan had cities right back in the Shang dynasty (1600 - 1046 ) with its capital at Jenshih (Anyang) just west of Zhengzhou.
The meandering Yellow River in ancient times followed a course further north near to Anyang. Even earlier, one of the earliest world civilizations.

Henan province China

Cultural life 
The ancient Yangshao Culture can be seen at a museum near Mianchi.

In an essentially agricultural province such as Henan, cultural life is centred in the rural community. While families for the most part live in their own homes, cultural life is focused in the community centre, with its reading room, library, and teahouses, in which the old tradition of storytelling has continued and is very popular. Loudspeaker radio is used to ensure communication. Traditional local music forms—such as the zhuizi ballad and yuju opera—are popular, as are the performances of the province’s many art troupes.

The modern provincial capital of Zhengzhou is on the site of another ancient national capital.

Henan province China
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The new railways made Zhengzhou an important center and has greatly expanded since 1949. Henan is now the second most populous province with just over 100 million people.

Zhengzhou has only a few old buildings but does have an extensive provincial museum. Yellow River Park to the northwest gives good views of the river. Zhengzhou has an annual Martial Arts Festival every September.

Pretty favorable soil and good climate, make Henan an area of rich harvests, although nowadays it has become heavily industrialized.

Henan province porcelain
The porcelain painting exhibition in Zhengzhou

Chinese porcelain
Nowhere in the world has pottery assumed such importance as in China, and the influence of Chinese porcelain on later European pottery has been profound.

 It is difficult to give much practical assistance on the question of Chinese marks. Most of the Chinese marks give the name of the dynasty and that of the emperor, where Henan was the birthplace of Chinese civilization and fore emperor back in the Shang dynasty (1600 - 1046 )

Henan province is a home to a large number of heritage sites which have been left behind including the ruins of Shang dynasty capital city Yin and the Shaolin Temple.

Henan is the 5th. largest provincial economy of China and the largest among inland provinces

The economy continues to grow based on aluminum and coal prices, as well as agriculture, heavy industry, /Provence?m, and retail, While hightech industries and service sector is underdeveloped and is concentrated around Zhengzhou and Luoyang.

Shaolin Kloster
Shaolin Kung Fu Kloster

Henan province has a temperate climate with four seasons. The climate changes are fairly accurately represented by the twenty-four solar terms on the Chinese lunar calendar. 

The annual temperature averages between 12ºC and 16ºC (53.6 ºF and 60.8 ºF) , with the minimum temperature being -3ºC to 3ºC (26.6 ºF to 37.4 ºF) in winter, January, and the maximum temperature being 24ºC to 29ºC (75.2 ºF and 84.2ºF) in July.

Almost, the southern and eastern parts of the province have warmer climate than the North-western parts of the province. The average annual rainfall is between 500mm and 900mm, but heavy rains, often torrential downpours, occur in July, August and September.

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